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Help Save Leo

Updated: May 9

Life sometimes comes at you fast and unexpectedly. This has been my recent experience with the delightful love of my life Leo, my cat that I've had by my side for the last 7 years. He had a series of vet visits over the past week and a half trying to figure out some serious medical issues he has been having, and exploratory surgery is scheduled. I'll do anything and everything to keep him by my side as long as I'm able to give him a safe and secure life.

To cover and keep ahead of these hefty vet bills I'm offering temporary special rates for dates and packages. I also have some information on how to donate if you feel so inclined. Your help is so appreciated by me and my furry companion.

Normal Rates (normal deposit policy)

​Helping Leo Rates (50% deposit)

Saving Leo Rates (prepay 100%)

1 hour




1 .5 hours




2 hours




3 hours




4 hours




6 hours




10-12 hours




14-16 hours




24 hours




Date Packages! Exclusive offer! I have monthly arrangement packages on my site that I offer. This will be similar to those but instead of having to use all the dates up in one month I will honor these packages for 6 months from the purchase date. Must be paid upfront. *Each package includes one of each date.


1 Hour Date ~ 90 Minute Date ~ 2 Hour Date


3 Hour Date ~ 4 Hour Date ~ 10-12 Hour Date


4 Hour Date ~ 10-12 Hour Date ~ 24 Hour Date


To donate to help Leo please use my wishtender since that is the easiest way for me to be able to pay his vet bills at this time. Donation funds go directly into my bank so that I can get him the care he needs. Anything at this time helps immensely! When you click the link below, you'll see my domme persona's name Mistress Valerie Marvelle. (That's me!)


If you'd like to send a specific amount that is not already listed, please reach out and I'll be happy to create a custom wish. Thank you!!


“Love is a four-legged word.” — Unknown

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