Will I be speaking with you directly?

At first, no. I have an amazing assistant that handles my emails and correspondence to set things up for us. I expect you to treat her with the utmost respect as you would me. She operates under complete discretion and any information you share with her will remain strictly between us.  Please be mindful my assistant is available to respond to emails between 9am-5pm daily, unless noted.

However it really is me on all of my social media, and content sites. You can see my Links! Links! Links! blog on how to talk to me directly.

Can I bring you anything for our meeting?

Yes, in fact I admire someone that wants to surprise me or add something special to our meeting! You can find a little treat to bring over on my wishlist.  I would also enjoy:

  • A bottle of wine to share

  • Perhaps some sativa for two

  • Or a favorite melt-in-your-mouth chocolate

Do I have to screen and pay a deposit?

Yes, I do require a deposit to secure our date, this is to ensure our time together. Deposits start at $100 for hourly dates and can be received in a variety of discreet ways. If for some reason you need to cancel/reschedule our date, you'll have 60 days to do so. I'll hold your deposit and apply it to our rescheduled time.

Screening is a must to see me! I require your full name, 2 recent references (if available), personal phone number (no google voice/burner phone numbers), and linkedin or work information.  I may also request to see your ID if I cannot verify you through the above information.

Do you have any reviews?

I do have recent reviews on Private Delights, and I gladly accept new reviews there from people who have seen me (though I do ask that you submit them to me first for approval).  I do not maintain profiles on nor do I allow reviews on any other site, including TER.  Thank you!

What happens if I need to cancel?

In the event you must cancel I ask that you notify me ASAP. Please understand I have set time aside for us and that time is precious. Any form of a cancellation will result in a percentage fee of the original date:

25% fee for cancelling up to a week before

50% fee for cancelling with 48 hours or less notice

100% fee for cancelling with 24 hours or less notice

The cancellation fee will need to be paid immediately to keep our relationship in good standing and for me to be able to hold your deposit for 60 days and apply it to our rescheduled time. The cancellation fee is separate from a deposit.

Do you actually know how to cook?

Yes I really do! I'd love to cook us a meal, it's one of my absolute favorite date ideas.  While I have many dishes in my repertoire that I know how to craft to perfection, I'd also find it very sexy to learn a  thing or two from you in the kitchen if you have a new dish in mind :).


Demonstrate Chivalry

Advanced booking is appreciated and will be given priority scheduling. I prefer to be contacted by email. Kindly approach me with professionalism and decorum. Explicit messages will be discarded and we will no longer communicate.


My considerations for my time and my screening requirements are both non-negotiable. If you aren’t comfortable with my rates or screening methods I ask you to save both of our time and contact a different companion with whom you are more compatible.

Take the time to read each of the main pages of this site: Etiquette, Rates, Calendar and Reservation. They should answer about 99.9% of any questions you may have. Be sure to familiarize yourself with my  deposit and cancellation policies, please and thank you! I don't have a page dedicated to only a gallery, enjoy finding new pictures on every page. Want exclusive content? Sign up for my OnlyFans!


What happens with us privately will remain between us and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with our time spent together!


The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. It would be an uncomfortable faux pas to make me ask for it.

Upon arrival, kindly produce your ID for my inspection. This sets the tone for trust and allows me to relax with ease and enjoy our time together.

My preferred method of payment for my time is cash. However I'm able to take credit card with a 20% additional fee through one of the adult sites I'm on such as, OnlyFans.  Please let me know in advance if you will be using this method so I can give you the correct adjusted total payment.


There is nothing sexier than a well groomed friend. I provide a variety of hygiene products as well as a hot, luxurious shower to ensure you are ready for our meeting.


If you would like to extend our time together, please compensate accordingly. I do not enjoy having to encourage your departure.


No gratuities are ever expected, but are always appreciated! If you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wishlist!