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Touring Again!

After years of staying put in San Diego, I've had an influx of fly me to you experiences this year that have relit the passion of travel in me! I miss visiting my favorite cities and exploring new locations, and I'm eager to make memories together wherever I land next!

Upcoming Cities

Denver, CO 10/20 - 23

San Francsico, CA 11/16 - 18

Touring Rates

Incentivized rates for prebooking! Be sure to take the opportunity now before you miss me! *wink wink*

Important Details: How to enjoy the 50% Deposit or the 100% prepayment rate.

1) Fill out the booking form completely with the correct information. *Take note that the following options need to be paid 3 weeks or more before the tour dates. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding!

2) On the booking form "Deposit Option" use this space to let me know you'd like to either pay the 50% deposit or 100% up front to secure our date. Due at the time of booking once you are screened.

3) There's currently only two ways to prepay: via Wishtender online or Cash mailed to me. Once you're screened, I will give you details on both of these options to pay. At this time, I don't accept any other ways to prepay so please do not ask.

Touring Details:

  • It's best to prebook as far out in advance as possible. I'd hate for us to miss out on each other's company!

  • If you don't prebook at least 3 weeks in advance, you'll need to pay my regular touring rates and secure our time with a $100 deposit.

  • Outcall on tour with 3 hour minimum.

  • Tour bookings made same day (confirmed within 24 hours of the requested time) must add $100 to the posted tour rate.

Touring Rates

​50% Deposit Rates

100% Prepay Rates

1 hour




1.5 hours




2 hours




3 hours




4 hours




6 hours




8 hours




10-12 hours




​14-16 hours




24 hours




Sponsor a Tour!

Don't See Your City On My Calendar? You Can Sponsor My Tour!

When you prepay for a the specified date minimum in full, I will plan a tour to your chosen city just for you! You will get priority booking and my schedule will be based around your prebooked date. Plus who knows, it could become my new favorite city that I visit to see you more often!

Contact me to inquire.

West Coast States 4 hour minimum

Mid-West States 6 hour minimum

East Coast States 8 hour minimum

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