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Spreading Holiday Cheer!

It's been a whirlwind of a year! And there's no better way I'd like to celebrate the new year than together. Let's finish 2023 with a BANG and start 2024 with building the anticipation of each other's embrace in San Diego!

To make it extra special, I'm offering a pre-booking incentive for those who schedule from now till January 3rd! You can enjoy this holiday treat anytime in the new year!

Pay a 50% deposit and receive $300 off your 2-hour or longer date in San Diego.

Pre-pay 100% of the date and receive $400 off our 4-hour or longer date in San Diego.

This is only available to returning clients.

How do you get to enjoy the gift that keeps coming!? It's simple!

1) Fill out the booking form completely with the correct information.

2) On the booking form, "Deposit Option" is the space where you can let me know you'd like to pay either the Holiday Special 50% deposit or Holiday Special 100% upfront to secure our date. The deposit is due at the time of booking.

3) There are currently only two ways to pay this way. Via WT or Cash. Once you're screened, I will give you details on how to pay for our date. At this time, I don't accept any other ways to so please do not ask.

Standard Rate

50% Holiday Deposit

100% Holiday Prepayment

2 hours



3 hours



4 hours




6 hours




8 hours




10-12 hours




14-16 hours




24 hours




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